Je suis une légende Ludwig Von 88


This song is written in the key of G.

Modulation in G for musicians

Key of G staff notation

Best Keys to modulate are D (dominant key), C (subdominant), and Em (relative minor).

Notes in the scale:
G, A, B, C, D, E, F#, G

Chords: Cmajor, C5, Csus2, C6, Cmaj7, Cadd9, C6add9, C-5, Cmaj9, Dmajor, D5, D7, Dsus4, Dsus2, D7sus4, D6, D9, Dadd9, D11, D13, D6add9, Eminor, E5, Esus4, Esus2, E7sus4, Em7, Em9, F#dim, Gmajor, G5, Gsus4, Gsus2, G6, Gmaj7, Gadd9, G6add9, Gmaj9, Aminor, A5, Asus4, Asus2, A7sus4, Am6, Am7, Am9, Bminor, B5, Bsus4, B7sus4, Bm7,

Harmonic Mixing in 2d for DJs

Compatible Open Keys are 3d, 1d, and 2m.

2d 2m 3d 1d

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