Terminal Frost Pink Floyd


This song is written in the key of F.

Modulation in F for musicians

Key of F staff notation

Best Keys to modulate are C (dominant key), A♯ (subdominant), and Dm (relative minor).

Notes in the scale:
F, G, A, A#, C, D, E, F

Chords: Cmajor, C5, C7, Csus4, Csus2, C7sus4, C6, C9, Cadd9, C11, C13, C6add9, Dminor, D5, Dsus4, Dsus2, D7sus4, Dm7, Dm9, Edim, Fmajor, F5, Fsus4, Fsus2, F6, Fmaj7, Fadd9, F6add9, Fmaj9, Gminor, G5, Gsus4, Gsus2, G7sus4, Gm6, Gm7, Gm9, Aminor, A5, Asus4, A7sus4, Am7, A#major, A#5, A#sus2, A#6, A#maj7, A#add9, A#6add9, A#-5, A#maj9,

Harmonic Mixing in 12d for DJs

Compatible Open Keys are 1d, 11d, and 12m.

12d 12m 1d 11d

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Legend: energy, danceability, acousticness, liveness.

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